Read This Before Buying Residential Locks For Your Property

residential locksWhat You Should Know When Buying Residential Locks For Your Property

Whether for commercial use, home use or even for use on your car, buying high-security locks is not as simple as it might seem.

It is important that you consider the basics of home and business security first.

We know that the security of your home property, commercial building, and even your car, rely heavily on the type of lock you install.

This is why you might want to consider purchasing high security locks in Norwalk. At Green Locksmith Norwalk, we install high security locks for commercial, residential and automobile clients as well.

Our technicians are highly trained and offer expert advice to our clients. Here are some top features to check out when purchasing locks for your residential home.

  1. Go for Weather Resistant Locks

Lock manufacturers might not guarantee you padlocks that are meant for external use.  This might sound crazy, but consider the fact that locks are typically meant to be used outside the house and are hence prone to various weather conditions.

So before purchasing locks for your residential home, try looking for locks made from materials that will resist the weather conditions. For instance, we have stainless steel locks, locks made from brass and also, in some cases, bronze cut locks.

  1. Consider Lock Security

House locks provide different security levels. These depend on the configuration used when making the locks. You want to keep your house secure, so consider purchasing a new set of top security locks. Is the lock you are purchasing bump resistant?

With lock bumping, a person with the bump tool can easily gain access to your house. What’s worse, lock bumping tools are easily purchased and accessible to burglars. Thus, go for the locks that will resist lock bumping altogether.

  1. Consider Key Control

Another important aspect when purchasing locks is key control. How easily can you obtain key blanks for that lock? This is important when it comes to key duplication. Common key blanks are available at common shops and can be purchased by anyone.

Thus, you will want to ensure it’s not very easy to find the key blank for that lock you are about to purchase. This reduces the chances of key duplication in case your keys fall into the wrong hands.

  1. The Installation Process

How easy is it to install the particular lock you purchased? Having an idea of the installation process can contribute significantly in deciding the locks that you want to purchase. When you are aware of the installation process for the lock, you can purchase a lock that will not require changes on the door.

You might be forced to return the lock that might not be suitable for the hardware on your door. In addition, if you are a DIY person, you might also want to purchase the lock that you can easily install. This reduces the cost of lock installation.

Consult A Lock and Key Professional

Lock purchasing doesn’t have to be a daunting task, as you can easily find locks available on the market. On the other hand, it is not as easy as we have explained. You might therefore want to consult a qualified professional service like Green Locksmith Norwalk to help you pick the right lock for your residential property. Don’t compromise the security of your home. Purchase top security residential locks today.

The Top Five Best Lock Brands

best lock brandsSecurity is considered one of the most basic factors when choosing where to live. However, no matter how secure a place looks, as a homeowner, you want to ensure you enhance the security further. For this reason, it is important that as a homeowner you purchase a good lock to secure your loved ones and your possessions. In this article, Green Locksmith Norwalk would like to educate you on some of the best lock brands on the market today. Keep reading to find out the brands you might consider when buying locks.

Medeco Lock Brand

Based in Roanoke County in the US, Medeco is a company that specializes in manufacturing high-security locks. The company was founded as the Mechanical Development Company and invented a unique mechanism that uses angled key cuts. These are usually combined with elevating and rotating special pin tumblers. Using this technology, the company is able to manufacture high-security locks that are hard to pick. Hence, it assures homeowners of the security they need. The company manufactures various products under their locks portfolio. Click here to view some of the best lock brands manufactured by Medeco.

Yale Lock Brand

This is an international company that manufactures high standard locks. These include door locks, padlocks, digital door locks, Safes, alarms and also door handles. For many years now, the company has been at the forefront when it comes to high standard locks. The company bases their locks production on high innovation and ensures they produce the best locks in the world. Click here to check out Yale’s line of products.


Despite not being a popular brand, this company also manufactures high standard locks. Those who have bought the products designed by the company already know that the company is among the industry leaders today. This confidence is mostly because of the MCS lock designed by the company and one that is generally hard to pick. Check out the locks manufactured by Evva here.

Corbin Russwin

This is a merger between two companies. These were Corbin and Russwin who came together to forge America`s best locks brand. The company has since become a subsidiary of Assa Abloy among several other subsidiaries. Click here to check out some of the popular products manufactured by this company.

Assa Abloy

Formed in 1994 by Emil Henriksson, Assa Abloy has grown to be a leader in the locks industry. The company has acquired several other subsidiaries which include Yale, Chubb, Besam, VingCard, Traka and several other brands. In the year 2013, the company clinched top 80 positions in a listing featured on Forbes magazine named “The World’s Most Innovative Companies”. Click here to read more about Assa Abloy. We hope this article has informed you a lot about the best lock brands in the market today. If you need any service done, or you would like us to install one of these locks for you, contact Green Locksmith Norwalk for a free quote over the phone today.