Locksmith NorwalkLocksmiths are just normal people like you, there are a lot of things locksmiths go through which they never let out.
So here are a few secrets which locksmiths won’t ever let you know

  • They do undercover work for cops

A lot of locksmiths work undercover for cops; their work is to make keys for them at 3am and get them into places so they can set their surveillance cameras around place for certain cases.

  • Best Lock is a Deadly Bolt

The lock should have an inch “throw,” and there must be a security plate on the “strike side,” attached with fixes at least 3 inches long that must go from there to the door’s wood frame

  • Double cylinder locks avoid break ins

If there is a window at your door or near your door, a dead bolt won’t do much good.
The burglars can easily break the glass, insert their hand in, and turn.
A double cylinder lock needs a key on the inside so it’s much better than a dead bolt.

  • Rekey your house whenever you buy a new house

Because here is the secret, when you buy a new house you cannot give a surety owners before you must be having the master key  or if they gave a friend a key or something so just on the safe side rekey all the locks.

  • All those keys which are stamped saying “DO NOT DUPLICATE” are always duplicated

So, all those security agency keys which says they cannot be duplicated and local locksmiths reject duplicating while professional and some undercover locksmiths duplicate it.

  • Biggest mistakes made by people regarding safes

People usually spin the dial of their safe too fast, they try to open it even before its unlocked, and trying to close it forcefully when there is some error.

  • Never feel bad for calling a locksmith twice a day

We never feel bad as it is part of our job so we even face situations such as someone being locked out of the house twice in a row.

  • If you’re ever in a problem, call one company once

Do not ever call 2 competitor locksmith companies together it brings us to a competitive point in market and looks bad in management; you might not understand that but this is serious for locksmith companies.

  • DO NOT say this lock will only take you 5-10 minutes

Please never say that because every time someone tries to reassure us with these words it turns out to be the toughest lock of our lives.

Locksmith Norwalk